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From geology to technology, from New York to the North Slope, Tim Fullam has certainly held some diverse professional titles in some very diverse locales. doctortim002Starting on the east coast, Tim grew up in upstate New York and went to the same high school as John F. Kennedy and Jamie Lee Curtis. He attended Cornell University where he was a tenor in the university’s award-winning Glee Club. Tim then headed west in his GTO where he received his Doctorate in Geology from the University of Washington. That’s right, our own Dr. Tim Fullam.

In 1967, it was rocks, not beer, which first brought Tim to Juneau, Alaska. He was assigned to the Snettisham Dam project to work as a diver and research geologist. Tim says it was during this first visit to Alaska he knew, "This was the place for me."

Since then, Tim has worked in all corners of the Last Frontier. He was nicknamed "Tanana Tim" by friends from his days working as a geologist in interior and northern Alaska. Later, he travelled across the Bering Sea from Kodiak to Japan on a deep sea drilling ship to help prove the continental drift theory.

Tim worked for the University of Alaska Fairbanks for several years before returning to Juneau in 1982 to teach computer science courses. Finally, after more than 25 years working with the University of Alaska, Tim says he willingly gave up his life of academia for the beer business and joined the crew at Alaskan Brewing.

While many Juneauites found our particularly rainy summer a little disheartening, Tanana Tim didn’t seem to mind.

"After 26 years in Juneau, I have seen worse (and better, much better summers)." Donning his signature heavy-duty green rain gear, Tim is known to brave the worst of weather for his lunchtime walks.

Other than walking, Tim enjoys reading, gardening, playing the piano and building with anchor stones, but he keeps an open mind.

"I like to do just about anything else that seems interesting to me at the time. I used to do a lot of skiing and SCUBA diving, but I guess I’m getting a little too old for that."

Tim can narrow down his favorite pastime to sailing. He collected quite a few trophies racing his 34-foot sailboat the "Eagle" all over southeast Alaska and was once ranked 10th in the nation in the Lido-14 one-design class. While sailing may be his favorite hobby, when asked about his real passion, Tim says, "my wife."

When not sailing off into the sunset with his wife Stella, Tim enjoys working in their yard on a warm, sunny afternoon with a tall, cool Alaskan beer close at hand. His favorite Alaskan Brew is Alaskan Coffee Brown Ale, part of our "Rough Draft" series of draught-only beers.
In 1880, the golden age of American brewing, there were 2,272 American breweries. In 1986, there were around 67, now there are more than 1500.
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