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Alaskan Imperial IPA
Release:  March 1, 2011

The American Imperial IPA style was developed and made popular by west coast American brewers. The style is most often characterized by a gold or copper color, citrus hop character, big malt body and lingering bitterness.

Rich in color and full in flavor, Alaskan Imperial IPA is packed with Pacific Northwest hops over a sturdy malt body. Designed with balance in mind, the aroma features hints of tangerine and other citrus with the toasted sweetness of crystal malt. The green and resinous aromas of Chinook and Amarillo hops waft over the robust bitterness of Centennial hops before finishing with the dry warmth of an imperial strength IPA.

The recipe for Alaskan Imperial IPA has been a longtime favorite of the Brew Crew and friends in Alaska, though they may remember it as "ALASKAN XTRATUF® IPA." First brewed as part of our Rough Draft Series of experimental draft-only brews, Alaskans all over the state came to know this Imperial IPA as having the same ‘tuf strength and reliable quality of the iconic rubber boots-an Alaskan footwear staple. The Pilot Series release allows Alaskan to share this draft favorite of the 49th state on shelves and taps in the lower 48.

This limited edition release of Alaskan Imperial IPA is made from glacier fed water, the finest two-row and specialty malts and premium Chinook, Amarillo and Centennial hops.

The complex hop bitterness and clean caramel malt body of Alaskan Imperial IPA complement the big flavors of Thai food, gourmet pizzas or sharp cheddar cheese, and pleasantly cut into creamy dishes like a King Crab bisque or gorgonzola cheese.

Known as the "Alaska Sneaker" or simply "'tufs," these knee-high brown and yellow rubber boots are an icon in the coastal communities of Alaska, and in brewhouses across the country. In Alaska, these all-purpose kicks are somehow equally appropriate everywhere from whale watching to keg cleaning to walking down the aisle. Because brewing is a water-intensive process and Juneau, with around 90 inches of rainfall each year, a rain-intensive city, Juneauites and brewers alike rely on the durability and versatility of these simple, sturdy boots.

To flavor his beer and prevent scurvy, Captain Cook brewed with the "tender new growth of spruce trees” during his 1777 voyage in search of the Northwest Passage. Spruce tips are an excellent source of vitamin C.
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