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Promoting sustainable oceans

Alaskan Brewing promotes sustainable business and brewing, but we also promote sustainable living. That's why Alaskan Brewing is donating 1% of all proceeds from Alaskan Icy Bay IPA to promote the sustainability of the Pacific Ocean and its coastlines. We are working to protect the health of the Pacific Ocean, which is a vital resource and playground for the West Coast.

This effort is called the Coastal CODE because Clean Oceans Depend on Everyone. The Coastal CODE funds grants to help sustain our ocean's resources and encourages consumers to do the same.

The Coastal CODE, Alaskan Icy Bay IPA and you are making a difference
one beer at a time.


Alaskan Brewing Co. Coastal Code Giving

Alaskan Brewing Co. has committed 1% of all proceeds from Alaskan Icy Bay IPA to support the cleanup and preservation of waterways and coastlines in an initiative call the Coastal CODE (Clean Oceans Depend on Everyone). The Coastal CODE provides grants to organizations and activities that promote the health of the Ocean and the waterways that lead to it, the Coastal CODE Fund grants money to projects that promote:

  • Beach, Lake or Waterway Cleanup Activities
  • Ocean and Coastal Preservation
  • Water Habitat Restoration

Who May Apply

  • USA established Public Charities (including 501(c ) 3 designated organizations)
  • Projects or Campaigns with a designated non-profit fiscal sponsor
  • Other Organizations or individuals with a demonstrable charitable purpose (special cases)

The Coastal CODE will not fund:

  • Project outside of the U.S.
  • Grant request that do not respect cultural integrity, especially of Native peoples
  • Grant request that do not respect responsible use of natural resources
  • Litigation, endowments, capital campaigns or land acquisition
  • Requests asking for overhead or infrastructure cost

Solicited Proposals must be short and include the following:

    1. Our one-page application that includes a brief description of the project or program and contact information for the primary contact.
    2. A project or program summary (not to exceed four pages) detailing:

a. History of the organization;

b. Description of the project, goals, objectives, and provisions for 

monitoring and evaluation;

c. Total organizational budget detailed project/program budget including

use of TOE grant;       

d. Other sources of funding and collaborating organizations;

e.  Expected outcomes and completion date

3.   A copy of the organization’s (or its fiscal sponsor’s) proof of non-profit status (except under special circumstances).

The Coastal CODE Advisory Committee chooses two non-profits to work with each year. The Committee meets twice a year to make granting decisions. The proposal deadline to be qualified for the coming year’s partnership is September 1st.

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