Alaskan Brewing Co. partners with Washington CoastSavers

Alaskan Brewing Co. partners with Washington CoastSavers

Coastal CODE grants funds, promises support for Washington-based nonprofit

Alaskan Brewing Co. has partnered with Washington-based nonprofit Washington CoastSavers, with a goal of assisting the organization in beating its record 2015 coastal cleanup.

Through its Coastal CODE program, Alaskan Brewing has provided over $150,000 to nonprofits dedicated to beach cleanups and habitat restoration. This grant toward the annual Washington State cleanup on April 23 will add an additional $10,000 to that grand total.

“I’m optimistic that our new partnership will result in cleaner beaches and more awareness about the threat marine debris poses to many animals living near the Washington coast, including humans,” said Jon Schmidt, Executive Director of Washington CoastSavers. “The new partnership will support over 1,000 volunteers, dedicated to keeping the coast free of marine debris. We’ll hit more than fifty beaches in one day.”

Last year’s CoastSavers cleanup rallied more than 1,500 volunteers, who cleaned up more than 19 tons of debris from Cape Disappointment to Cape Flattery. In 2016, the goal is to increase these numbers through the work of Washington CoastSavers, its partner organizations, and with the support of Alaskan Brewing and Coastal CODE.

In addition to the monetary support, employees hit the beaches to help with the work.Icy Bay

Each year, Alaskan Brewing employees, often led by Maintenance Manager Suki Patterson, participate in coastal cleanups in Juneau and beyond.

“I’ve been involved with Coastal CODE ever since I started 11 years ago,” Patterson said. “It’s important. If people really think about what it means — Clean Oceans Depend on Everyone — it’s really putting ownership and the onus on all of us. It really does depend on everyone.”

Coastal CODE makes the biggest impact through the grants it provides to organizations dedicated to ocean and waterway health. Funds for Coastal CODE come from 1 percent of Icy Bay IPA proceeds everywhere Alaskan Beer is available.

Additionally, Alaskan Brewing Co. will provide Alaskan Beer at Washington CoastSavers fundraising events and volunteer drives, and Washington sales reps will host events to further support fundraising and volunteer organizing goals for the nonprofit.

“We’re excited to help Washington CoastSavers with these events, and by getting our hands dirty at the annual cleanup in April,” said Steve Gamba, a key account manager with Alaskan Brewing Co. “I think we’ll all have earned a beer after that.”

Since the creation of the Coastal CODE in 2007, more than 1 million pounds of trash have been removed from cleanup efforts made possible by the CODE. Beaches, lakes and waterways from Alaska to California and now the Gulf to the Midwest can all benefit from this beer with a cause.

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