Alaskan Brewing Company and Barnacle Foods Announce the Release of an Audaciously Alaskan Kelp-Based BBQ Sauce

Alaskan Brewing Company and Barnacle Foods Announce the Release of an Audaciously Alaskan Kelp-Based BBQ Sauce

May 25, 2021 (JUNEAU, Alaska) Juneau, AK: Alaskan Brewing Company
welcomes to the world a Kelp & Alaskan Amber Ale BBQ Sauce. Created in the test kitchens of Barnacle
Foods, this duo of local businesses will be rolling out this tasty, and uniquely Alaskan, sauce nationwide
via eCommerce platforms just in time for BBQ sauce season.

Speaking to this joint-venture, John Blasco, Alaskan Brewing’s Business Project Manager stated, “We are
thrilled to be partnering with Barnacle on this exciting new addition to their incredible lineup of kelp-based
products. Barnacle’s mission and growth has been inspiring to watch over the last several years, and we
are proud of this authentic Alaskan partnership with another local manufacturer.”

A pioneer and leader in the craft brewing industry, Alaskan is known for its sustainability efforts, fervent
Alaskan localism, and award-winning, innovative craft brews. Meanwhile, Barnacle Foods is leading the
way in creating innovative pantry staples using Alaskan grown and harvested kelp as the first ingredient.
Their line-up includes award-winning Bullwhip kelp hot sauce, salsas, pickles, seasonings, and more. The
two organizations came together in August of 2020 to begin developing this delicious BBQ recipe, marrying
some of the Alaskan coast’s best flavors – beer and kelp.

“Both Barnacle Foods and Alaskan Brewing are inspired by the wild place we get to call home. We hope
that our Alaska harvested kelp (yes, seaweed!) and Alaskan Amber Beer BBQ sauce can help home cooks
elevate their BBQ game while also giving our customers a chance to have a positive impact on our
environment through their food choices,” related Lia Hiefetz, founder of Barnacle Foods, “This versatile
sauce is perfect on seafood, veggies, and meats and is made with kelp – a future food that requires no
inputs to grow and brings positive benefits to our ocean.”

In combining the classic Alaskan Amber with the sustainable kelp-based sauce talents of Barnacle Foods,
the pair created a uniquely Alaskan BBQ sauce. Crafted sustainably, ethically, and locally the new sauce
highlights the best parts of both companies while incorporating Alaskan ingredients. The sauce is a great
opportunity for BBQ enthusiasts to experiment with authentic Alaskan flavors moving into summer.

Available nationally for purchase online at and locally at the Alaskan Tasting
Room and the Alaskan Depot starting on Friday, May 28th. The Alaskan Brewing Company is hosting a
BBQ event at their tasting room to premiere the sauce June 4th from 5pm-7pm.