Alaskan Brewing Ice-Shattering New Release Demonstrates Mastery of Style

Alaskan Brewing Ice-Shattering New Release Demonstrates Mastery of Style

Juneau, Alaska (January 3rd, 2023) – As we ring in the new year, the Alaskan Brewing Company breaks the ice with their announcement of the new Chillin’ Cold IPA.

With all these new styles of IPA, you may scratch your head at the mention of a so-called “Cold IPA”. A Cold IPA is a brew fermented at temperatures lower than what is normally used to ferment ale-style beers. This cold fermentation perfectly complements the in-house yeast strain of Alaskan Brewing, which ferments naturally at a colder temperature while still providing all the benefits of a higher temperature fermentation. Colder fermentation temperatures are nothing new to Alaskan Brewing, in fact breweries in Alaska have been using colder fermentation since the gold rush days when for a constant temperature, some relied on mine shafts for cooler and more stable temperature control. This makes Alaskan Brewing’s yeast particularly suited for the Cold IPA style. Alaskan Brewing has been cold fermenting since its inception in 1986, making it a world-class producer of this style. But, we’ll let the drinkers decide that.

This pale gold brew is a hop forward ale that presents crisp, clean, and easy drinking. With notes of grapefruit, as is traditional with West Coast IPAs, and undertone layers of strawberries on the nose. The Chillin Cold IPA is a bright and refreshing beer that goes back to basics with the strong use of Cascade and Centennial Hops in balance with Pilsen and Wheat malts.

Coming in at a cool 6% ABV with 55 IBUs, the Chillin Cold IPA will be hitting shelves in early January and can be found anywhere you can find Alaskan Brewing’s Limited Release Series.

The Alaskan Brewing Company is Alaska’s oldest continuously operating brewery founded in 1986. For more information, visit Charlie Monroe, Marketing Specialist,, (907) 780-5983