Alaskan Distilling Company’s Canned Cocktails Win Big

Alaskan Distilling Company’s Canned Cocktails Win Big

Alaskan Distilling Company’s Canned Cocktails Win Big

All three ready-to-drink cocktails created by Alaskan Distilling Company place in national and international competitions.

Juneau, Alaska (May 8, 2024) – Alaskan Distilling Company is proud to have received multiple awards for its ready-to-drink canned cocktails in two national and international distilled spirits competitions.

“These awards represent Alaskan Distilling Company’s unwavering commitment to be a leader in the craft beverage industry where we focus on quality, community, and innovation,” said Maxwell Rule, Chief Operating Officer of Alaskan Brewing Company. “Recognition of this award goes to our outstanding distillery team that created the formulations for these delicious RTD’s. We couldn’t be happier with the awards and the recognition. We wholeheartedly thank all of those who support us.”

Solstice Vodka Lemonade took home gold and Musk Ox Vodka Mule brought in bronze at the 2024 American Distilling Institute International Spirits Competition. Awards are given after a panel of expert spirits judges complete blind tastings and score based on level of quality.

At the 2024 U.S. Open Whiskey and Spirits Competition, Musk Ox Vodka Mule won a silver award in the Mule category, while Rainforest Gin and Tonic won a bronze in the Other category. Only one medal is awarded per category.

Ready-to-drink cocktails from Alaskan Distilling Company are currently available year-round in the state of Alaska. Visit the beer finder on to find Solstice Vodka Lemonade, Musk Ox Mule, and Rainforest Gin and Tonic in stores and at restaurants near you.

From left to right: Geoff Larson, Rob Day, David Martin, Maxwell Rule, Curtis Holmes, Steve Sano, and David Wilson. All have played key roles in the creation of Alaskan Distilling Co., and its products.


About Alaskan Brewing Company:

After nearly 40 years in the beer industry, Alaskan Brewing Company ventured into the spirits world in 2019 by creating Alaskan Distilling Company. In addition to producing award-winning beverages, Alaskan Brewing Company strives for innovation through progressive programs like employee ownership and a commitment to environmental stewardship. For more information, visit


Media contact: Maxwell Rule, Chief Operating Officer, (907) 780-5903