SMaSH Galaxy

SMaSH Galaxy

American Double IPA

Single Malt and Single Hop Double IPA, brewed with only Australian Galaxy hops and Premium Northwest Pilsner Malt. The Galaxy hops take center stage and are joined by the very intense bitterness typical of this variety of hops.


A balanced aroma gives intense passion fruit, light guava, and herbal notes similar to thyme, and hints of exotic citrus. The hop aroma is balanced by light honey notes that are characteristically associate with the malt of a crisp Pilsner. The flavor has an initial rush of tropical fruit and herbal notes that linger intensely. The Galaxy hops take center stage, and after several seconds, the juicy hop notes are joined by the very intense bitterness typical of this Australian variety.


SMaSH Galaxy starts with our glacier-fed water from the Juneau Icefield and our exclusive ale yeast that is a hallmark of the Alaskan style. From there, the ingredient list is short: Australian Galaxy hops and Premium Northwest Pilsner Malt.


  • Original Gravity: 1.078
  • ABV: 8.5%
  • Bitterness: 86 IBU
  • Color: 10 SRM


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Complexity is often praised in a beer, but simplicity has its charm as well. SMaSH brewing is a minimalist approach to recipe creation, using a single malt and single hop, which began gaining traction in about 2009. Much like with single provenance coffees or chocolates, SMaSH brews highlight the unique characteristics of the limited ingredients used. This distinct experience benefits not only the discerning drinker, but also the curious brewer, who can use this increased understanding of individual ingredients to compose perfect combinations of malts and hops in more complicated recipes.

The Story Behind the Label

On a clear, cloudless night, far from city lights, Alaska offers yet another breathtaking view. Those willing to brave the bitter cold can be rewarded with endless bright stars – the whole galaxy on display – and northern lights dancing on moonlit mountains and above silent snowscapes. The Aurora Borealis shines in many shapes and colors, including neon green, yellow, and deep, bold purple. Alaskan legends tell of miners driven mad, mesmerized by the Aurora’s intense beauty and inexplicable appearance. Adventurous spirits daring enough to venture out to catch a glimpse of this stunning phenomenon are rewarded with the show of a lifetime, or, at the very least, a delightfully bold beer.