Reel in a Cold One

Reel in a Cold One

Amber Under-the-Cap Fishing Derby Announced by Alaskan Brewing

JUNEAU, Alaska (June 19, 2018) –This summer, beer drinkers can become fishermen with just the pop of a cap, with Alaskan Brewing’s Amber Under-the-Cap Fishing Derby. Special Alaskan fishing derby illustrations can be found under the caps of Alaskan Amber bottles, containing illustrations by local artist Pat Race of Alaskan species – both fish and predators – that correlate to a specific prize drawing. The grand prize is a fishing trip for two to the world-famous Waterfall Resort ( in Southeast Alaska.

“We are so excited for another amazing fishing season here at Waterfall Resort Alaska,” said Mike Dooley, Sales and Marketing Director at Waterfall Resort. “Nothing makes us more proud than to see people on the water smiling with family and friends enjoying the place that we love so much. Waterfall Resort is thrilled to be working with Alaskan Brewing to share our home state. Whether you are grilling your Alaska-caught salmon or telling the story of how it was won, an Alaskan brew is always an appropriate pairing.”

Distribution of Amber with derby caps began on May 1st in the 21 states that Alaskan beer is sold in. Six-packs of Amber have a “Fish On!” and bottle cap insignia on the package, though any Amber with a special cap is eligible, including six-packs, twelve-packs, twenty-two-ounce bottles, and Amber in Frontier Packs.

“Fishing is a way of life here in Alaska, and fishing derbies are a huge part of that,” remarked Andy Kline, Communications Manager at Alaskan Brewing. “Getting friends and family together out on the water, the excitement and thrill of competition, and of course the feeling of victory every time you land a keeper – no matter what species or what size – it’s all part of the fun. This fishing derby is a way to share all of those things that we love with beer fans outside of Alaska, with the chance for them to actually experience the fishing here, which is some of the best in the world.”

Other possible prizes are as follows: coho salmon – cooler; sockeye salmon – fish box; halibut – tackle box; ling cod – Filson gear; rockfish – beer gear; humpy – hat and bottle opener; sculpin – sunglasses; predators (eagle, orca, and grizzly) – growler.

US Residents who are 21 or older are eligible to enter the contest. To enter, beer drinkers must take a photo of their Amber bottle cap, ensuring that the species under the cap is clearly visible, and upload the photo to the Alaskan Brewing Facebook page, or their own personal Twitter or Instagram, using the hashtag #alaskanbeer on those platforms. Once the photo is received, the participant will be entered into the drawing related to the species on the bottle cap. Only one entry per species will be can be entered per individual. California residents must follow instructions specific to their state. California residents can upload a photo showing Alaskan spirit on their own Twitter or Instagram pages, or directly to the Alaskan Brewing Facebook page including the hashtage #alaskanbeer, #derby, and #CA as a caption or comment. Only one photo submitted using this method can be entered per individual.

The derby will continue through the summer, ending on August 31st. More information, as well as full rules and regulations, can be found at


Contact:  Andy Kline, Communications Manager, 907.780.5922.