Cranberry Tart Latest in Alaskan Brewing Seasonal Lineup

Cranberry Tart Latest in Alaskan Brewing Seasonal Lineup

Tart cranberry and lively spruce flavor to brighten up longer nights

JUNEAU, Alaska (September 3, 2018) – Alaskan Brewing Company welcomes autumn with their latest seasonal beer, Cranberry Tart. Taking inspiration from the season of harvest and foraging, Cranberry Tart features local Sitka spruce tips along with a medley of berry flavor, the perfect accompaniment to rich, savory fall meals.

“Alaskans spend this time of the year getting ready for the long nights of fall and winter,” said Andy Kline, Communications Manager at Alaskan Brewing. “Foraging, fishing the last salmon runs, harvesting from their gardens, picking wild blueberries, currants, and high bush cranberries – it’s a time of change and preparation. This beer is a celebration of the change of seasons that affects every person and animal that makes Alaska their home.”

This autumnal wheat beer features a hint of spruce notes, and is tart at the beginning, with sweet cranberry and citrus mellowing the overall taste. Beer drinkers will notice light pink highlights in the pour, and a subtle dryness in the body. Its light tartness provides a counterbalance to salty, savory holiday foods like turkey, ham, and king crab.

“When we start dreaming up a new beer, we try to think not only of the way we want the beer itself to taste, but all of the outside factors that affect people’s experience of enjoying the beer, too,” remarked Alaskan Head Brewer Rob Day. “We think about the time of year, the different meals that someone might eat with the beer, even the activities that they might be doing when drinking our beer. All of that influences which ingredients we use and what flavors we want to bring out. This beer is crisp and a little tart to cut through the rich foods we eat in fall and winter, especially around the holidays. This beer is perfect for that – it’s got fun flavor that can stand alone, but it’s also a great food-pairing beer.”

The label features the Alaskan Moose, the world’s largest moose variety, looking up through a patch of high-bush cranberries – a site familiar to many who explore Alaska’s wild country in the fall.

Cranberry Tart will be released at the beginning of September in the 22 states where Alaskan beer is distributed.

Alaskan Brewing Co. was founded in Juneau, Alaska, in 1986 by Marcy and Geoff Larson. Then 28, they solicited help from about 80 investors to form the country’s 67th independent brewery at the time, the first since prohibition in Juneau. Though founded in 1986, its history reaches back to the Gold Rush Era, from which many recipes draw inspiration.

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