Limited Release Juneau Juice is Alaskan Brewing’s Hometown Hazy

Limited Release Juneau Juice is Alaskan Brewing’s Hometown Hazy

This Hazy IPA is Brewed to Celebrate the Alaskan Summer

JUNEAU, AK (Mar. 1, 2022) – The newest addition to the Alaskan Brewing Limited Release series is here. Introducing: Juneau Juice Hazy IPA. Available in select markets from March to August of this year, Juneau Juice is an explosion of citrusy hop flavor. Like many Hazy IPAs, Juneau Juice is smooth, juicy and heavy on the hops. Featuring fresh notes of tropical and stone fruit, citrus, and pine, Juneau Juice is lush and flavorful, with a toasty, soft finish – all the juice and fruit flavor of hops without too much bitter bite.

This bright and refreshing Hazy features a combination of Mosaic, Sultana, Strata and Citra hops with a respectable 7.5% ABV. Heavy dry-hopping and the use of some unmalted grains creates a haziness that contributes to the smoothness of this style, and by leaving the beer unfiltered, residual yeast also adds to the full mouthfeel. The concentration on late addition hops lessens hop bitterness, which accentuates the fruity, tropical flavor of many hop varieties.

This unfiltered IPA is a glowing medium gold, with a hazy appearance reminiscent of a lazy summer day in Juneau. Ripe pineapple, fresh tangerine and pine resin abound in the aroma, with a host of other tropical and stone fruit flavors. Juneau Juice is all about bright and succulent hop character. It has a light body, with a full mouthfeel and hint of pine on the back end.

Juneau Juice was originally part of our Crew Brew series, which allows all employees (from accountants to engineers to human resources) to team up with brewers and brew on our 1-barrel pilot system. Our Crew Brew series encourages creativity and innovation, allowing any of our employees to experiment with wild ideas and local ingredients, making beers that are uniquely Alaskan and super limited. Crew Brews that we think are exceptional can be picked to be made on a larger scale, and Juneau Juice is one of those beers!

The name pays homage to our Southeast Alaskan hometown of Juneau, America’s most isolated state capital city surrounded by miles of impassable icefields, fjords and the lush Tongass rainforest. Lush, wet and hiding a one-of-a-kind beauty, Juneau Juice is a juicy reflection of its hometown.