Loyal Husky Returns as New Year-Round Beer at Alaskan Brewing

Loyal Husky Returns as New Year-Round Beer at Alaskan Brewing

Husky IPA pulls a sled load of Mosaic hops flavor 

JUNEAU, Alaska (September 1, 2017) – In response to the popularity and near-cult following it gained this spring as a seasonal beer, Husky IPA returns, joining the pack as Alaskan Brewing Company’s newest year-round beer. Husky IPA is a celebration of Mosaic hops and their unmistakable tropical and fruity aroma.

“Experimenting with Mosaic hops, we knew we wanted to brew an IPA with them, something that highlights the juicy Mosaic flavor, without being too overpowering or overly sweet,” said Tyler Lindquist, brewer at Alaskan Brewing. “These hops are celebrated for their complex, broad aroma, backed by clean bittering, which makes a big impression. This beer really stands out from the pack when you’re looking at the selection of IPAs available out there.”

Known for their incredible endurance and power, the Alaskan husky is a working dog, able to pull heavy loads over long distances. Mosaic hops also pull their weight as the heart (and tail) of Alaskan Brewing’s latest addition to the year-round lineup. This brew was created with the goal of highlighting Mosaic hops’ tropical and stone fruit flavors. It is a Juicy IPA with the bright aroma of tangerine and papaya.

In early 2017, Alaskan Brewing supported animal organizations with the Ales for Tails program, where participating locations made donations to local animal organizations in honor of Husky IPA

“Life in Alaska isn’t just about the place, it’s about the creatures we share it with,” said Lindquist. “Huskies have been a part of the Alaskan lifestyle for a very long time, and we wanted to recognize that.”

Alaskan Brewing introduced Husky IPA as 2017’s spring seasonal just eight months ago and chose to reintroduce it as part of the permanent lineup in response to popular demand.

“This is a beer that’s moved from seasonal to year-round within one calendar year, partly because the story of the husky really resonates with fans,” said Lindquist. “The beer is great, the community connection has been great, and the response has been incredible. We are excited about this beer and how it brings a different expression of the IPA style to our lineup.”

Husky IPA will be available beginning September 1st where Alaskan Beer is sold. The Ales for Tails program will resume in 2018.


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