Winner caught in Alaskan Amber Fishing Derby

Winner caught in Alaskan Amber Fishing Derby

Fish, predators reeled in from under bottle caps all summer long

JUNEAU, Alaska (October 8, 2018) –Beer fans in Alaska and across the country have gotten hooked on Alaska’s fishing tradition this summer with the Alaskan Amber Under-the-Cap Fishing Derby. With the opportunity to reel in a different species under each cap, beer drinkers got to experience the thrill of Alaskan fishing with every Amber they drank. Sometimes, heading out fishing means you catch a prized king salmon, a huge halibut, or a mess of cohos; other times, you may not hook anything – but could be lucky enough to spot some of Alaska’s other magnificent wildlife, like grizzlies, whales, or bald eagles.

“All Alaskans have great memories of heading out on the water or to the beach, catching all kinds of fish, and comparing their catch with friends and family,” said Andy Kline, Communications Manager at Alaskan Brewing. “While we can’t send every Alaskan beer drinker up to Alaska to fish with us, we can give them a chance to try their hand at “fishing” with every Amber they drink, and send a lucky winner to one of Southeast Alaska’s premier fishing lodges, Waterfall Resort, to experience the real thing.”

Alaskan Brewing received entries from across the country, with fish (and the occasional predator) turned in from Alaska, and throughout the 21 other states where Alaskan beer is sold. Responses from across the country were enthusiastic – for example, Denise Thompson from Colorado wrote “Just need that king salmon!! I’ve had a lot of fun. Good luck everyone,” while August Crass from Wisconsin was “dreaming of fishing in AK while sitting at [his] desk in Wisconsin.” Katie Dickerson, an employee of the American Bald Eagle Association, submitted her bald eagle (cap) photo, alongside a live, rehabilitated bald eagle perched on her arm.

“It’s so good to see people from across the United States getting the opportunity to visit our resort by just drinking a few beers!” shares Steve Cockrell, General Manager at Waterfall Resort. “Our store at Waterfall Resort is well-stocked with Alaskan Amber, because what could possibly be better than a great beer together with great fishing?! Then, after an exciting day fishing, you can share the day’s stories at the Lagoon Saloon over an Amber before heading to the dining room to enjoy our wonderful food.”

To enter the derby, eligible participants (US residents age 21 or older) were required to take a photo of the “catch” they found under their cap and post it to the Alaskan Brewing Facebook page, or their own Instagram or Twitter page using the hashtag #alaskanbeer during the entry period of May 1st – September 30th. Photos of thousands of bottle caps were sent in from across the 22 states in which Alaskan beer is sold via social media, but only 15 of the elusive grand prize-qualifying king salmon caps were found.

The grand prize winner, announced today, is Sarah Zinger of Davenport, Iowa. She is no stranger to the great state of Alaska and all of its pleasures, having lived in Anchorage for most of her twenties. “For now, my business keeps me in the Midwest,” said Zinger, “but my heart brings me back to the PNW often, and I can’t wait to enjoy a cold Alaskan Amber at the Waterfall Resort soon!” Zinger will be traveling to Alaska with a guest to reel in the real thing at Waterfall Resort next summer. Other prize winners will be notified via social media.

Different Alaskan species could be found under the cap of every Alaskan Amber bottle, each with a corresponding prize drawing. The featured species and their corresponding prizes are as follows: king salmon – fishing trip for two to Alaska’s Waterfall Resort; silver salmon – grizzly cooler; sockeye salmon – fish box; halibut – tacklebox; lingcod – Filson gear; rockfish – beer gear; humpy salmon – hat and bottle opener; bald eagle, orca, and grizzly – growler.

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