Alaskan Brewing Now Available in Hawaii and Utah

Alaskan Brewing Now Available in Hawaii and Utah

Juneau-based brewery expands distribution into 24th and 25th states

JUNEAU, Alaska (August 6, 2019) – Hawaii and Utah beer drinkers can now enjoy brews from the Last Frontier as Juneau-based brewery Alaskan Brewing begins distribution to the two states. The addition of the Aloha and Beehive states marks the 24th and 25th state where Alaskan beer is distributed.

“We think Hawaiians and Utahns will connect with our beers, our story and our commitment to sustainability,” said Alaskan Brewing Co. Communications Manager, Andy Kline. “These are very unique states, but Alaskans, Hawaiians, and Utahns actually have a lot in common – many of us have an adventurous spirit and love for the outdoors, and we share a special connection to and deep respect for the spectacular places we call home.”

Alaskan Brewing is partnering with Odom Corporation to bring their brews to Hawaii, where the distributor is also broadening its reach.

“We are beyond excited to expand our beer footprint to Hawaii and are very fortunate to have partners who have been 100% supportive since day one,” said Odom Corporation Sr. Vice President of Sales, Jack Tullis. “The interest expressed from retailers and consumers in Hawaii blew us away.”

Utah and Hawaii are the last two states of the western U.S. to carry Alaskan beers. General Distributing Co. will handle Utah distribution.

“The wait is over,” remarked Andy Zweber of General Distributing Co. in Utah. “The beer drinkers of Utah soon won’t have to go out of state to find their favorite Alaskan Brewing brands. General Distributing is proud to have been chosen to bring their fine portfolio of craft beers to the Beehive State.”

Hawaiians and Utahns will be able to enjoy Amber, White, Husky IPA, and Kölsch, among other Alaskan Brewing beer styles.

“Hawaii and Utah have presented some unique challenges when it comes to distribution, but we’re working with some excellent partners to make it happen,” said Alaskan Brewing Co. Marketing and Sales Manager, Merv Boyce.


Contact:  Andy Kline, Communications Manager, 907.780.5922.