Pour the Love: Juneau Breweries for Haines Fundraiser starts Feb. 12

Pour the Love: Juneau Breweries for Haines Fundraiser starts Feb. 12

Passport program for specialty beers and an opportunity to help Haines

JUNEAU, Alaska (February 8, 2021) – All four Juneau breweries, Alaskan Brewing, Barnaby Brewing, Devil’s Club Brewing and Forbidden Peak Brewery, are coordinating a fundraising event to help the community of Haines, which was hit by a devastating landslide and weather event in December. The program is “Pour the Love: Juneau Breweries for Haines,” and it’s a passport that gives participants the opportunity to try four specialty beers – one from each Taproom. After filling the passport, customers turn it in to one of the breweries for a one-of-a-kind t-shirt designed by Haines-raised artists Celia Bower and Tulsi Zahnow.

“Everyone in Juneau is feeling the devastating loss from the December weather event in Haines,” said Andy Kline from Alaskan Brewing. “We in the brewing community feel like there is a special bond because Haines hosts the Great Alaska Craft Beer and Home Brew Festival, and it’s an event we all look forward to every year.”

“Coming up with a way to help, and have it involve the whole beer community from Juneau felt like a useful way to approach giving assistance,” added Evan Wood of Devil’s Club Brewing.

Skye Stekoll of Forbidden Peak Brewery said the Juneau breweries hit on the idea of a passport that people can purchase at any of the taprooms, which will allow customers to buy a specialty beer from each of the breweries. “We want the whole community to turn out for this, so we are looking forward to pouring a lot of beer for Haines this month,” Stekoll said.

“Everyone pulled together for this and we were able to bring in Aurora Projekt and two amazing Haines-born artists for the t-shirt design,” said Matt Barnaby of Barnaby Brewing.

The design shows beer being poured from the Seven Sisters mountains in Juneau to a thirsty salmon and through fireweed, hops plants and forget-me-nots to become the Chilkat River flowing through Haines. The artists express a connection of community, nature, and the power of beer to bring people together.

As a bonus, Haines Brewing also wanted to be involved, so they are sending kegs of beer that will be poured at the Hangar and the Island Pub during the month-long event.

All proceeds for “Pour the Love” will go to the Chilkat Valley Community Foundation, who solely focus on the needs of the Chilkat Valley, where Haines is located. Passports are $30 and go on sale on the first day of the event, Friday, February 12 – the beginning of Valentine’s Day weekend. It will be happening for a month, ending on Saturday March 13. For those outside of Juneau, the passports and t-shirts will be available online at any of the four Juneau breweries’ websites.


Contacts:  Andy Kline, Alaskan Brewing, 907.321.8544.   akline@alaskanbeer.com

Matt Barnaby, Barnaby Brewing, 843.737.2453.  barnabybrewing@gmail.com

Evan Wood, Devil’s Club Brewing, 907.209.8451, evan@devilsclubbrewing.com

Skye Stekoll, Forbidden Peak Brewery, 907.209.7348, skye@forbiddenpeak.com