Daring Summer Releases Showcase Alaskan’s Creativity (and Brew Excellence)

Daring Summer Releases Showcase Alaskan’s Creativity (and Brew Excellence)


May 11th, 2020 (Juneau, Alaska) – Summer is here and with it the latest batch of limited release brews from the Alaskan Brewing Co. Hardcore craft fanatics and lager-loving greenhorns alike will enjoy the most recent brews from Alaskan which demonstrate an experimental flair. Recently reintroducing the fan-favorite Hazy Bay Juicy IPA, and rolling out the all-new Strawberry Haze IPA alongside the new Pilot Series Dip Net Double IPA in April, this summer’s brews are an indication of things to come.

According to Rob Day, Head Brewer at Alaskan, the Strawberry Haze is a playful “spin-off of the Hazy Bay IPA”. The Hazy Bay IPA was Alaskan’s first foray into the relatively new Hazy IPA scene. Seemingly coming out of nowhere sometime around 2015, the Hazy IPA phenomenon has swept the United States as craft brew lovers test the softer, juicier and more fragrant brew against the West Coast IPA. Alaskan’s Strawberry Haze is a twist on this trend adding berry notes to the Hazy Bay. However, Alaskan refused to overdo it with the strawberry flavors seeking to strike a comfortable balance between fruit flavors and hops. It’s an unique take on the style as the brewing company delicately toes the line between fruity and hoppy.

A great choice for summertime drinking the Strawberry Haze is a testament to subtlety. A fruity brew that stays true to its roots as an IPA – unlike many pale ales out there right now.

Also available now is Alaskan’s innovative Dip Net Double IPA rolling out as part of the Alaskan Pilot Series. As a Double IPA, the Dip Net is higher in alcohol content than most clocking in at around 8%. It’s a bold attempt to cross a Hazy IPA with a traditional IPA. An attempt which netted impressive results.

“[The Dip Net] is a creamy and smooth medium IPA with a full body, but a flavorful taste like it was juiced into your glass,” relates Rob Day. He adds, “It’s a juicy pineapple and strawberry guava character up front with low bitterness.” With a Hazy IPA flavor and a traditional West Coast IPA look it’s a brew that looks to find the best of both worlds and delivers.

With such innovation coming right before the summer, there’s plenty to look forward to coming from Alaskan. But for now, find a nice sunny spot and kick back with one of Alaskan’s newest treats.