Snowy Peaks Welcome Spring in March Alaskan Artist on Tap

Snowy Peaks Welcome Spring in March Alaskan Artist on Tap

Snowy peaks welcome spring in March Alaskan Artist on Tap 

Local Juneau artist Jacqueline Tingey showcases original acrylics on wood landscapes  

March 2, 2024 (JUNEAU, Alaska) – Alaskan Brewing Company will host local Juneau artist Jacqueline Tingey for a collection of original acrylics on wood landscapes as our latest Alaskan Artist on Tap show in the Tasting Room. Tingey’s Alaskan Artist on Tap, which is a rotating month-long art installation that highlights local artists at the Alaskan Brewing Tasting Room, will run until March 31.  

Tingey is a talented creator whose passion for the outdoors is reflected in every stroke of her brush. “Living in Alaska, it is hard not to use the inspiration surrounding us,” she shared. “I spend a lot of time in the mountains, snowboarding, hiking, etc., so that is reflected in my work.”  

Tasting Room visitors can sip on their favorite brews as they are transported to the wild beauty of Southeast Alaska through Tingey’s paintings. From snow-capped peaks to tranquil waters, her art captures the diverse landscapes that define this region. “Southeast AK has a wide variety of landscape, texture, and light, and I try to capture the look and feel of that in my paintings,” she explained.  

But creating art isn’t always a smooth process. Deadlines and distractions abound, yet Tingey finds solace in music and the freedom of expression that comes with mixed media. “Much of the time I’ll start with subject matter, or a painting method, I want to use and let things evolve,” she says. “Sometimes it comes out the way I had pictured in my head, but much of the time the vision shifts and changes throughout the creating process.”  

Experimenting with acrylics, watercolors, ballpoint pens, and even embroidery, Tingey adds depth and texture to her pieces, often painting on wood to infuse warmth into her creations. “I enjoy mixing mediums to help give texture and dimension,” she noted.  

Inspired by fellow artists like Gregory Euclide, Kei Meguro, and Emily Kepulis, Tingey acknowledges the importance of community and collaboration in the creative process. “There are so many great artists out there, and it’s honestly hard not to be inspired by many of them,” she said. “I am really grateful to be an artist in Alaska. It is such a supportive community with so many great opportunities.”  

But beyond her artistic pursuits, Tingey is also a staunch advocate for environmental conservation. “As much as I might try, I can’t replicate nature through my artwork,” she reflects. “We can’t forget the impact we have on the other inhabitants surrounding us. Everyone wants to be respected, and I think the same can be said for every mountain, fish, blueberry bush—every piece of this earth wants the same respect.”  

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To learn more about Jacqueline Tingey visit her website at or follow her on Instagram at @jacquelinetingey or Facebook.    

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