Alaskan Unveils 2021 Pink Boots Collaboration Day Brew

Alaskan Unveils 2021 Pink Boots Collaboration Day Brew

May 26th, 2021(Juneau, AK) – Every year for the last four years, the Pink Boots Society has hosted their Collaboration Brew Day. Originally, born out of a desire to take part in International Women’s Day it’s grown into a much larger occasion which has helped to raise awareness for women’s roles within the brewing industry. For this year’s Collaboration Brew Day, the Alaskan Brewing Company offered the talents of its finest female brewers as well as its world-class brewing resources to innovate an unique brew for the event.

Alaskan Brewing Company brewer and COO, Kristi McGuire worked in collaboration with brewers, Alexandra Vrabec (Director of the Brewers Guild of Alaska), Hannah Lumpkins (Brewer at HooDoo), and Sarah Perez (Brewer at Bleeding Heart & Chair of the AK Pink Boots Chapter) to daringly develop an Apricot Milkshake IPA for the special event. Artfully incorporating apricot puree and pear juice, the brew is designed to showcase the unique Pink Boots Hop blend which features Cashmere, Ahtanum®, Citra®, Loral® and Sabro® brand hops. This powerful combination of hops and fruit lends the beverage tropical, herbal, citrus and woody aromatics.

Additionally, the decision to brew a Milkshake IPA, declared “The Most Controversial Craft Beer in America” by Gear Patrol in 2016, was a bold move. Using lactose (an unfermentable milk sugar) and fruit, this offshoot of the popular Hazy IPA lends the brew a silky, smooth mouthfeel which deliciously compliments the brew’s flavor profile.

Clocking in at 7.3% ABV and 33 IBUS, the Milkshake IPA delicately balances sweet notes of apricot with light vanilla top notes. However, like many of Alaskan’s other Hazy IPA’s, the focus remains on the hops with such flavors offering the brew apt relief from becoming overly bitter. The hops themselves add sunny flavors such as citrus, melon and stone fruit in addition to the apricot and vanilla.

Recently kegged, the delectable, highly exclusive brew will premiere at the Alaskan Tasting Room at 3pm on Friday, May 28th before being distributed statewide. Proceeds from the Apricot Milkshake IPA will be used to support professional and technical scholarships for members of the Pink Boots society and strengthen female voices in the industry. Thirsty, yet? Because we sure are!