Alaskan Brewing Features Local Artists on New Rough Draft Release

Alaskan Brewing Features Local Artists on New Rough Draft Release


JUNEAU, AK (July 26th, 2022): This summer Alaskan Brewing is bringing a different kind of art to its beer: local masterpieces. The newest beer in Alaskan’s statewide series is the Ridge Runner Pale Ale featuring the original work of local artist and founder of K. Hoke Contemporary, Kelsey Hoke Martin. Kelsey’s passion for the arts since she was a child inspired her to earn two undergrad degrees and minor from Appalachian State University with a BS in Arts Management, a BFA in Painting and a minor in Entrepreneurship. She moved to Alaska in 2020 and has spent many hours capturing her new home town on canvas.

The work featured in the Rough Draft Series was part of her recent “Ridge Line” art exhibition at the Juneau Arts & Culture Center in July. It depicts the view of the Mendenhall Valley from Shaman Island and Outer Point on North Douglas Island. This acrylic painting features Kelsey’s distinctive style. Line work, vibrant colors and confidence shape her creations, a style that she sees as a “fitting tribute” to Alaska’s bold environment.

“My vibrant, color forward paintings match our beautiful surroundings intentionally and with intensity. This place is limitless and so are the opportunities to capture its beauty.”

The Ridge Runner pale ale is a clean, crisp and dry pale ale that highlights the flavors of the Mandarina Bavaria hop. The brew’s Pilsen and Munich malt backbone present a light cracker snap that balances the moderate, but persistent bitterness of the Mandarina hop. At 5.4% ABV and 35 IBU, the Ridge Runner is an easy drinking and highly approachable pale intended to accompany sunny Alaskan summer days.

Alaskan Brewing is proud to continue featuring the work of Alaska artists on our Rough Draft beer releases. Submit your possible beer imagery to